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At Arab Media Ministries, our mission is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the Muslim world. Our ministry specifically focuses on producing and sharing incredible testimonies from former Muslims and Arab Christians who have found new life in Christ. We believe that sharing these personal journeys can inspire and encourage Muslims to explore Christianity. Part of our vision involves equipping the body of Christ to reach out to their local Muslim communities. For this reason, our video productions will serve as evangelism materials for Christians and churches who share the same heart for reaching the Muslim population.

Our goal is to consistently produce one video each week, resulting in a total of 52 testimonial videos annually. Furthermore, we envision that these videos will be dubbed in multiple languages, to reach Muslims all over Europe and all over the world.

For the initial phase of our fundraising, the ministry requires $36,000 to fulfill the basic annual operational budget. While the budget for recording 52 testimonial videos a year needs to be much larger (tenfold), our primary goal for the first phase is to meet this initial financial target.

Join us in this important mission, where we reach out to millions of Muslims around the world, one language at a time. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of countless souls.

Arab Media Ministries

by Samira Marikh

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Europe, Netherlands

Campaign Story

Samira, originally from Morocco, was raised in a Muslim family in the Netherlands. One night, as she lay in bed, an intense, fiery heat washed over her body. Frightened, she believed she was on the brink of death, and in that moment of desperation, she spoke to God for the very first time in her life.

In her panic, she confessed all her sins and pledged to change her sinful ways if God spared her life. Suddenly, a bright white light filled her entire bedroom. That night, she got baptized by the Holy Spirit.

Samira was unfamiliar with Christianity and had no idea what had happened. Over the course of a year, Samira searched earnestly for the truth and was eventually visited by Jesus in her living room. He revealed Himself to her, and after these extraordinary encounters, she wholeheartedly embraced Jesus as her Lord and Savior, solidifying her commitment through baptism.

One day, after sharing her own testimony online, God showed her the impact a single testimony video can have in spreading God’s message. It was then that she realized this was her calling.

Samira then decided to dedicate her life to producing testimonial videos in which ex-Muslims and Arab Christians share their personal journeys of embracing Christ, with the goal of helping Muslims discover the path to Jesus.

Please click on the following link to see Samira’s testimony:

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Anonymous $100.00 December 12, 2023
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Anonymous $200.00 December 02, 2023
Anonymous $63.00 November 18, 2023
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