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Hello, my name is Dana Longpre’ and with all my heart I’ve adapted my autobiography, In a Van Down by the River and other adventures of a born again Aspie, into the screenplay, One of Them!!

One Of Them!!

by Dana Longpre

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Dana Longpre

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About the Screenplay

The screenplay focuses on my time as a teen throughout foster care, how I met the Lord in a miraculous vision and finally my time as a staff member in a Christian Group Home.

During my time there I encourage the teens that in believing in God that we can have His salvation, know forgiveness and can move on with wholeness and purpose.

Our goal is to film in mid July 2022 for about two and a half weeks, as my cast has about 30 teens in it representing the various group homes in the film.


Revenues Birth A New Nonprofit

Finally, my family and I are also starting a nonprofit to go along side our movie launch!  We are developing an app that will support teens who are about to age out of the foster system, called Foster Fit* and is in the development phase right now with 3 Divisions: Nutrition: Joe Longpre’, Mindset: Nathan Longpre’ (17), Fitness: Dana Longpre’.

We’re overjoyed to draw awareness, support and guidance on behalf of the teens, who are so much like myself and who are starting out in the world with practically nothing and equipping them to have a successful start!

So much gratitude for His work, Dana, Joe, Nathan 17, & Caroline 6 Longpre’

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