Keys to Success

Crowdfunding is part art and part science but success is certainly not a matter of luck.

Keys to crowdfunding success

Crowdfunding is part art and part science. That said, success is certainly not a matter of luck. The more you read and study about the successful strategies and tactics for crowdfunding campaigns, the more likely you are to succeed.

Fortunately, many of the essentials for mounting a successful campaign remain constant:

  1. Producer(s) must have a burning passion for projects they wish to actualize.
  2. The producer(s) need to present their project in a clear, exciting and original way to include:
    1. A succinct, well-written project description.
    2. Compelling media to support the vision including high-quality art, photos and videos as appropriate.
    3. Convincing presentation of your creative and technical qualifications—and of those of your team—and why you are uniquely qualified to fulfill your project vision professionally.
  3. You need to find ways to stand out in the crowdfunding crowd. How is your project different from others out there? Why is it vital for your project to get off the ground? Who will benefit if it succeeds? Who will lose out if it doesn’t?
  4. Success hinges upon continually building community and support for your campaign through “push” tactics that drive faith and family friendly media supporters to your Campaign Portfolio. Do not count solely on to supply your traffic. The vast majority of crowdfunding donations come from friends and family—people who know the producer(s) or are one degree of separation from them.
  5. After your campaign launches, don’t rest on your laurels after one wave of phone calls, texts or emails. Be prepared to constantly promote the campaign once it’s live, as many people won’t take action until prompted to do so multiple times.

In crowdfunding, you surely reap what you sow

Remember that crowdfunding is hard work. You will reap what you sow. By all means it pays to have faith. But great planning, a burning desire to see your project through and good old-fashioned diligence, discipline and effort will definitely pay dividends.

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