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Launching a project follows a simple process, though one that’s different from that of many crowdfunding sites.

How it works

The platform is dedicated exclusively to crowdfunding for Christian and family friendly arts and entertainment media projects. We also strive to host campaigns only for projects that “aim high” in terms of their storytelling quality and production values.

Supporting media projects of all shapes and sizes supports the broadest possible kinds of media projects, including but not limited to:

  • Live action video and film for release via television, the internet, theaters or film festivals.
  • 2D or 3D animation for release via television, the internet, theaters or film festivals.
  • Audio programming for broadcast via radio, podcast or CD distribution.
  • Electronic and video art for digital distribution.
  • Digital and film photography for live or online exhibition.
  • Print or electronic journals, magazines and newsletters.
  • Print, electronic and audio books.
  • Music compositions, performances and recordings.

Our unique project approval process

To ensure projects meet the stated goals and values of, and to instill complete donor confidence, follows a unique approval process to vet each crowdfunding campaign hosted on this website.

  1. Project producer(s) must submit a Project Summary to include a logline, short project description and synopsis.
  2. carefully reviews each Project Summary. If the proposed project aligns with our mission and production standards, we schedule and conduct a telephone interview with its producer(s).
  3. If the project and its producers are a good fit for, the project producers will receive an invitation to complete a Formal Application. Approval of each project is at the sole discretion of
  4. When the Formal Application is approved, the producer(s) will receive a Formal Sponsorship Agreement for signature. Once this Agreement is signed and returned, will issue a password that enables the producer(s) to set up their Campaign Portfolio.
  5. When the Portfolio is complete, the producer(s) notify of Ready-to-Launch status. reviews the Campaign Portfolio and either approves it or provides feedback for any needed corrections or missing information.
  6. When the Portfolio receives final approved, the project is ready to go live to the public.

At this juncture, your crowdfunding campaign kicks off and the real work begins.

Good luck and God bless!

Ready to get started?

Start here with Step 1 by completing your Project Summary. financial terms

Fiscal arrangements for funding crowdfunding campaigns are governed by the Funding Contract.

Once the Project Summary is approved, project producers will also need to complete and submit a Dispersal of Funds Form.

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