Short Story

A film to connect to, maybe relate to, and certainly strive to…the way the protagonist does.

As a woman finding her way in an abusive marriage, trapped by her strong Christian values, and to-the-death marital vow, she finally sees what God is asking her to do. And as she does, she begins to lose her eyesight.

Ever wonder what God is doing and why He has allowed such atrocity into our lives? But yet, isn’t that when we grow closest to God!

She gains “insight” while she has no eyesight. God’s purpose and love for her. More healing and new friends. Where she is grateful for her loss of eyesight. Until…she is then faced with a decision to accept to decline a surgery- would it make it worse or better and how do we trust in God’s plan? All the while, the pattern of abuse continues to repeat in more relationships.

Healing doesn’t end and prayer must continue.

Hope blooms…INsight.

INsight Movie

by Misty Films

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Campaign Story

Thank you for visiting, learning more about this feature film project and for your support.

We ask for prayers, resources you may have to offer (ie locations, products like food and beverage), contacts of cast, crew, donors and the like, and your own donations which will enable us to move forward in pre-production. The schedule for filming is just months away.

We may conduct another crowdfunding campaign to continue to fundraise the necessary funds for production and post-production.


I’m Erika, the Producer for INsight. You may have seen some of the videos on the INsight page and learned a little more about the film. Would you share this link with 5 other people, so they too can be aware and possibly donate as well? It takes a community!



  • Every donor giving $20 and higher will receive a DVD of the film once it is released.
  • $100 and we will set up a phone call to personally pray for you.
  • $500 the above and get a set tour on a date we agree on
  • $10,000 or more receive the above and your title in the credits as Associate Producer
  • $50,000 or more receive the above and title is a Co-Producer

Corporate Giving is available, and we are open to suggestions as to how you might like to help. Cash donations, in-kind donations, and grants.


Name Donate Amount Date
Anonymous $4,075.00 June 14, 2022


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